Emin Gün Sirer on Bitcoin Scaling Debate

AVA Labs co-founder Emin Gün Sirer reflected on the Bitcoin scaling debate in a recent interview with ForkLog.

As a result of disagreement on whether or not to meaningfully increase the transaction capacity of the network, Bitcoin split into two versions: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and BTC.

Sirer expressed support for Bitcoin Cash, saying:

I like intellectually pure solutions and that’s why I like Bitcoin Cash. It has clearly defined what it wants to do.

Emin Gün Sirer

In contrast, Sirer criticized the approach taken by BTC:

I felt that one of the sides was bending the truth and saying things that were not scientifically correct in order to affect a particular change to the protocol.

They wanted to introduce that SegWit modification and certain economic subsidies and they weren’t honest with their users on that. Neither were they honest about the limitations of the Lightning Network, and it’s only now that people are starting to realize that Lightning Network is limited in capacity.

Looking towards the future, AVA improves the areas that led to the Bitcoin scaling debate. AVA uses a new consensus protocol named Avalanche that provides high throughput. Describing Avalanche, Sirer stated:

It allows AVA to be much faster and to achieve finality in one second. It supports more transactions per second than Visa without compromising decentralization.

In another reference to AVA, Sirer enthused:

But when you come into the space with something that is three orders of magnitude faster, then it changes the whole game.

In the ForkLog interview, Sirer gave a brief overview of his work on cryptocurrencies over nearly two decades, and described how it influenced the AVA platform:

The Avalanche protocol represents the best of what I know, combining features from different projects and the lessons learned, pulling it all together in a new and very fresh approach to creating a value proposition.

The entire interview is worth a read with interesting views on the history and future of AVA, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology.

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