Delegated Staking to be Integrated into AVAX Web Wallet

According to AVA Labs team members, delegated staking will be integrated into the AVAX web wallet. Some third party wallets will support staking as well.

AVAX Wallet - Logo
Logo for AVAX Wallet by Avalanche

Avalanche network participants are incentivized to stake and validate through AVAX staking rewards. For the first year, the annual staking reward will target a rate between 7% and 12%.

Users can become full validators in the Avalanche network by running a node and staking a minimum of 2,000 AVAX.

Those that do not have 2,000 AVAX or do not want to run their own node may delegate to a validator to validate on their behalf.

When nodes become full validators, they specify a delegation fee rate. Other users can delegate to any validating node, with a percentage of the staker’s rewards going to the actual validator.

Integrating staking into regular wallets will simplify the process and make staking available to a broader audience.

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