Avascan Introduces Avalanche Explorer and Developer APIs

Avascan introduced a new explorer for the Avalanche network along with APIs for developers.

Avascan Avalanche Explorer Logo
Image by Avascan

The explorer enables browsing of transactions, addresses, assets, blockchains, validators, and delegators.

Avascan also provides APIs for developers to build apps that retrieve information from the Avalanche platform. An API playground allows developers to run queries and test the APIs.

While the explorer lets you view basic information about all the blockchains built on Avalanche, Avascan currently only fully indexes the X-Chain.

The explorer also shows interesting statistics such as the circulating and locked AVAX supply, transactions per second on the X-Chain, staking reward per year, staking ratio, and burned fees. Avascan is working on a visualization for the supply unlocking schedule.

As the Avalanche mainnet is not expected to launch until the end of August, the explorer and APIs currently provide data for the testnet.

The privacy oriented Avascan website does not use cookies or third party trackers.

AVA Labs also provides their own separate explorer for the Avalanche network.

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